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The walls of a building can cause as many problems as the roof.  Water may not pour through the walls but it can slowly permeate the structure and cause costly, long term damage.  We offer the skilled application of high performance façade coatings which will not only improve the look of a building but also convey long term protection against water ingress, chloride and carbonation attack.

Our experience is varied as it is rare that any two buildings have the exact same requirements over time, taking into account atmospheric conditions, age of property, original coatings used and actual use of the structure. We can therefore find a solution to the problem or need you have.

Our expertise includes the following, although other bespoke solutions can be offered as required:

Anti-Carbonation Coatings

These coatings are designed to extend the service life of steel reinforced concrete by restricting the damaging passage of carbon dioxide from atmospheric pollutants.  Should a building be suffering this kind of damage, we would apply an elastomeric, weatherproof coating which, whilst allowing the structure to breathe, would create a barrier to carbonation and chemical attack.  Effective on concrete and masonry the finished result is aesthetically pleasing and at the same time highly resistant for a guaranteed period of up to 20 years.

Through Colour Render Systems

To provide an attractive coloured render finish where the substrate has many irregularities, these systems can reduce long term maintenance costs whilst giving high performance weatherproofing and crack resistant properties.  Ideal for refurbishment over masonry, brick and block work, a wide range of colours and textures are available to meet the needs of the building in question.  Expert application by skilled workmen will guarantee a complete facelift.

Cladding Re-coating Systems

Cladding systems will require re-coating over time, whether it be for a face-lift or to re-brand a company.  We offer simple, cost-effective coatings in a wide range of colours and finishes.  Once applied, these will protect, maintain and improve the appearance of the external cladding, avoiding costly replacement of the cladding itself.

The gallery offers a snapshot of completed projects, please ask our Sales Team for examples of any specific type of application you have in mind/would like to see an example of.