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Pitched Roofs & Cladding

Pitched Roofs

Pitched roofing lends itself to the more traditional materials but there are many more modern alternatives available and we are happy to sit down and discuss the possibilities for your project, be it refurbishment or new build.

Slating and Tiling

A traditional roofing choice available in a wide range of styles and finishes. Our highly skilled slaters and tilers will provide you with a very hard wearing, weatherproof and aesthetically pleasing finish, whether the project be renovation or new build.



We provide a cladding service for both new build and refurbishment projects. Cladding is an increasingly popular finish offering low maintenance protection and we are proficient in the application of the ever more sophisticated cladding options available on the market.

Dependent upon the building in question, we can provide a system to improve the aesthetics of a building, protect the internal and external building, provide thermal and noise insulation and prevent the spread of fire.

Consideration must be given to the exact requirements of the building and therefore design of the system is paramount; we work closely with high performance manufacturers, as well as specifiers, to ensure that we install a system fit for purpose with longevity.  Correct installation and attention to detailing is of course vital and our operatives are highly trained in providing a high quality finish.

We offer application of the following types of system:

Composite Sheeting
An excellent choice when speed of installation is vital.  These panels can be fitted quickly and efficiently to enhance the look of a building and assure consistent insulation.  Size, colour and thickness will be chosen according to the requirements of the building.

Standing Seam
Taking longer to install but offering great flexibility in design, these metal profile sheets have great spanning characteristics and can be installed in extremely long lengths.  Lightweight, yet strong and durable, they are weather tight and impact resistant.  Able to be installed to a roof pitch of as low as one degree, there is a limitless design potential but being put together by experienced operatives, the robust detailing will offer low lifetime costs.

Built up systems
Assembled on site, two layers of profiled metal separated by a variable height spacer system are installed to accommodate high levels of thermal, air tightness, fire and acoustic performance.  These reliable systems are skilfully installed to comply with exacting building regulations.

Fully supported metal
Requiring highly expert application, this type of cladding is particularly used in traditional or historic construction.  These are fully supported metal systems, traditionally in lead, copper or zinc usually on a timber deck.  The finish achieved is traditional and aesthetically pleasing.

Built up twin wall systems
Where an insulated system is required to improve the efficiency of a building, this rapid covering and swift installation system can be used.  Comprising two separate layers of profiled metal separated by a variable height spacer system which encapsulates vapour control layer and selected levels of insulation types and densities, the built up approach allows for increased flexibility in external face, profile, colour and direction.  Again, the correct installation will provide a weatherproof, high performance building.

Designed to protect a structure from the elements, this cladding can be made from metal, or a variety of other materials, to provide different colours, shapes and finishes, offering fabulous design versatility.  Lightweight and low maintenance, the finish looks great and offers good thermal performance.  Suitable for over-cladding, we would be pleased to discuss the many options available with you.