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Flat Roofing

No two roofs are the same and we therefore offer a range of solutions to suit each individual roofing enquiry that we visit.

From waterproofing a failed roof with an overlay system to installing a complete new roof, we have the skills, systems and experience to deliver a fantastic-looking, high performance roof.

For both modern and historic buildings in either the commercial or domestic sector, we pride ourselves on delivery of a professional, weatherproof finish, in-keeping with the age and use of the property.

In specific consideration of flat roofs, there are many things to look at; provision of adequate drainage and falls, wind up-lift, access requirements, thermal performance, thermal movement, UV resistance.  We will ensure that we help to choose the right system for the project and that we, as the approved installer, achieve the high level of detailing and finish that is demanded.

Felt systems

Although felt systems can be seen as a more traditional roof covering, manufacturers have been developing the material over the years and we can offer a competitive yet long lasting flat roof finish which can be adapted to most roof designs.  Lightweight but tough with excellent expansion and contraction properties, felts can be used in conjunction with modern insulation systems.  Highly trained installers are vital for these hot applied works and we ensure that our operatives are experienced and use best practice in this demanding field.

Liquid Membranes

A highly versatile choice of coating which can be very cost-effective to apply over an existing system to reinstate waterproofing, or equally on a new build project to provide a weatherproof system.  Working with high performance coatings from leading manufacturers, the majority of the systems that we use are cold applied, thus very safe in sensitive environments.  Furthermore, as in most cases the coating is applied directly over the existing substrate, our works bring little disruption to the everyday use of the building in question.

These coatings are fast curing, seamless and extremely resilient.  Our workforce ensure detailed preparation of the substrate followed by exacting application of the product to achieve correct thickness of coating and thus a great finish which can be guaranteed for up to 25 years.

Single Ply

High performance, light weight and flexible, these membranes can be used to meet demanding design briefs whilst offering excellent resistance to whatever nature can throw at them.

Safe and quick to apply, our workmanship will provide an airtight and attractive finish.

The gallery gives an overview of our completed work, together with photos of typical areas of failure on flat roofs – should you wish to discuss any of these photos or see examples of past applications similar to any roofs you are currently looking at, please contact our Sales Team.