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Balconies & Walkways

Just like roofs, balconies and walkways are open to the elements and therefore degrade over time and this can cause water ingress into a building.  In addition to this, with the added burden of foot, pram and bicycle traffic on communal walkways, the balcony/walkway coating is weakened and prone to splitting and crazing.

To counter these effects, we offer a range of very fast cure, hard-wearing, waterproof and slip resistant membranes for use on balconies and walkways.  These coatings will protect and waterproof the areas in question for years to come and are available with guarantees.

Our installers are aware that to put a communal walkway out of action for any length of time, is very inconvenient and often unworkable.  We therefore plan the installation to cause as little disruption to the building occupiers as possible and ensure that with skilled application of the fastest curing systems on the market, we get areas back in full use as quickly as possible.

Refurbishment of these areas will both protect the building once more from the effects of the elements and vastly improve the overall aesthetics of the property for the occupiers.